3 Reasons Businesses and Corporations Need Quarterly TSCM Inspections

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) is an often unknown, overlooked, or undervalued component in many corporations’ security program. Here we will highlight three reasons why a corporation needs TSCM inspections quarterly in order to follow best security practices and help mitigate the compromise of sensitive and/or proprietary information. Being proactive and not reactive could save potential headaches and losses in the future.

  1. Corporations in highly competitive industries can be a target of corporate espionage from their competition. It would be fairly easy and inexpensive for a competitor to plant an illicit surveillance device “bug” that can easily go unnoticed and not detected by employees. The impact of this could cost the corporation a Client or even more grave, lead to its demise. Frequent, irregularly scheduled TSCM inspections by trained and experienced technicians can and will minimize the risk of this occurring.
  2. If a corporation is merging with or acquiring another corporation, the negotiations leading up to the potential deal would be invaluable to many parties especially to the corporation being acquired and would, without a doubt, give them the upper hand when negotiating the deal.
  3. The insider threat is another serious threat to a corporation’s security. An employee could, for many reasons, decide to go rogue and do serious harm to a company’s image, success, and leadership. Illicit eavesdropping devices are readily available, inexpensive, and do not require a high level of skill to deploy.

These are just a small handful of reasons that highlight a corporation’s need for TSCM inspections. It is important to schedule them at least quarterly and at varied times. These inspections need to be kept confidential in order to maximize their efficacy. Contact us confidentially to get started.

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