Smart Home Devices: Concerns, Vulnerabilities, and How to Address Them

smart home device cyber security

Author:  Garrett Bell (Analyst, Security Consulting) The idea of a “smart home,” a home filled with connected devices that conveniently streamline entertainment, security, lighting, and other functions, has grown in popularity in recent years evidenced by the growing number of connected devices in American households. US households have approximately 22 connected devices on average, according […]

5 Benefits of a Corporate Travel Risk Program

Paris protests exemplify need for corporate travel security programs

Authored by: Nikki Desai (Associate Director, Security Consulting) An effective travel risk program is a key tool in any company’s risk management effort. Travel risk programs provide end-to-end service for traveling employees, starting from when the employee’s trip is planned up until the employee’s safe return home.  The process typically begins with a risk assessment […]

What Are Data Aggregators and How Do They Pose a Risk to Your Privacy and Security?

srub pii from the web

Authored by: Aaniyah Hicks, Red Five Investigative Intern What are Data Aggregators? Data aggregators, also known as people-finder sites, scour the internet looking for people’s personally identifiable information (PII) in order to compile easily accessible online profiles of the individual. Data aggregators pull your information from a variety of public sources, including public records such as […]

What’s The Big Deal About TikTok and What Can You Do to Protect Your Data

tiktok privacy

  TikTok is an extremely popular short-form video social media platform that has attracted more than 150 million active users in the US. It has garnered so much attention—and  ire—from  the federal government, state governments, international bodies, and private institutions due to its popularity, the dangers associated with the platform’s data collection, and the potential […]

Spotlight on Pegasus Spyware

iphone spyware

  Authored by: Kathryn McConaughy, Red Five Open Source Analyst   In late 2021 and early 2022, Pegasus spyware garnered a flurry of media attention, and it’s easy to see why. Developed by an Israeli security company, Pegasus is purported to be the most advanced commercial spyware to date and it has huge implications for […]

Evolution of Crypto & Geopolitical Risk

blockchain technologies have global implications

Authored by: Linda Gomez   Cryptocurrencies and Web3 technologies have been on a crusade to disrupt legacy institutions like central banking since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009–but it seems they can disrupt more than just banking.   In just over a decade, decentralized ledger technologies (DLTs), like virtual currencies (VCs) and the blockchain networks enabling transactions, […]

How Life Events Change Your Safety and Security Needs

safety and security needs

As your life changes, so do your security needs. Getting married, having a baby, selling or merging a business, going IPO, and other major life events provide the perfect opportunity to take stock of you and your family’s privacy, security, and resiliency. 1. Privacy: Introducing a new baby or spouse into your life or taking […]

Personal Security While Traveling in New Environments

personal security while traveling

Traveling internationally is not without its risk. By following the recommendations outlined below, you can make your travels rewarding while minimizing your risk and vulnerability. Pre-Travel: • Travel documents – Ensure you have the necessary documents for your travel – passport, travel Visa, green card for return entry, etc. These documents should not be near […]

Robyn Kirkham – Vice President

Robyn Kirkham – Vice President

Ms. Robyn Kirkham serves as a Vice President for Security Consulting at Red Five. She has 18 years of intelligence, law enforcement, and military experience. Ms. Kirkham possesses expertise in security consulting, intelligence analysis, and investigations. In her role as a Vice President, Ms. Kirkham consults on and manages projects related to corporate and private […]