Recent Attacks on Substations and Emergency Preparedness

Authored By: Isaac Williams & Andrew Villamarette Over the past several weeks multiple disruptive attacks on critical electrical infrastructure such as the substations connected to the US power grid have reemerged in headlines. On November 30, 2022 the Department of Homeland Security described the vulnerable infrastructure as possible targets for groups or individuals seeking to […]

Red Five Security Expands Advisory Board & Internal Expertise to Broaden Digital Solutions

Cybersecurity Veteran & Threat Intel Executive Bring New Perspective to R5’s Core Offerings   ARLINGTON, VA – January 19th, 2023 – Red Five Security, a leading provider of security and management consulting services for high-net-worth families and corporations, announced the expansion of its Advisory Board and internal team to bolster expertise in SaaS, Blockchain, and […]

Mark Wallace – CRO

Mr. Mark Wallace is the Chief Revenue Officer at Red Five. Mr. Wallace is an accomplished Founder, Chief Revenue Officer, and Digital Transformation Executive with 20+ years accelerating revenue growth and leading go to market strategies for SaaS and technology platform providers. Mr. Wallace is the Founder of Justellus which has helped many CEO’s, leadership […]

2023 Security Risks – A Look Ahead

In August we blogged on the trending issues in 2022, and by all measures the expectations have been met, and we have seen more disinformation, election issues, public safety challenges, and additional violence in society due to socio-economic issues. Some of these will likely continue into 2023, but there are new risks on the horizon […]

Physical Security Concerns for International Holiday Travel

It can happen to the best of us: you are on vacation and want to relax, when an unexpected physical security issue arises. I had just arrived at the beach villa, put my belongings in my room and stepped out on the patio to take in the view. As I re-entered the room to finish […]

Adam Vincent

Adam Vincent has over 20 years of experience in the cyber security and technology industry as a practitioner, entrepreneur, and business leader.  Most recently, Adam was Co-Founder and CEO of ThreatConnect Inc., a leading cyber security SaaS company. Today, ThreatConnect is used by companies around the world to prioritize and then take decisive action against […]

Kelly Shemansky – Director, Cyber Solutions

Kelly Shemansky serves as Director of Cyber Solutions at Red Five. Kelly’s background is in Consultative Sales, Business Development, and Customer Success in the technology and government sectors. Prior to joining Red Five, Kelly was the Head of Business Development & Partnerships for a cybersecurity and intelligence firm, where she designed and implemented pre-sale, post-sale, […]

Nick Gicinto – Executive Vice President

Nick Gicinto serves as Executive Vice President at Red Five, responsible for overseeing the company’s Operations and Consulting practices. He possesses over 17 years of experience in private sector security and the intelligence community. Nick’s career has focused on security and intelligence consulting, security program building, insider threat, and blockchain and cryptocurrency investigations. Prior to […]