What are Online Romance Scams, and How Can You Recognize Them?

What is it that usually comes to mind when thinking about fraud? For some, identity theft or large-scale investment fraud, such as Ponzi schemes, comes to mind. However, “Romance Scams” are a form of fraud that has rapidly increased over the last two years. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), reports of romance scams […]

2022 – Are You Ready?

2022 Security Risks

With almost 15 years working for the CIA and the FBI and now another 17+ in the private sector, I still regularly bring those well-honed government skills to bear in the ever-changing threat environment of the private wealth arena. My experience in those organizations gave me a foundation of anticipation and agility, and then for […]

Security Considerations and Planning for Independent Schools

security considerations

Independent schools differ significantly in their sizes, academic approaches, histories, and cultures; however, all have a common interest in protecting their students, staff, and reputations. Independent schools that invest the necessary time and resources into security planning and preparedness can gain peace of mind and mitigate the risk of harm impacting their students, staff, and […]

What is IRS 132 Assessment?

IRS 132 Assessment

Does your corporation expend funds protecting the founder, CEO, or a member of the Board of Directors? Or perhaps the focus is on the Head of Research and Development upon which the corporate intellectual property is based. Regardless, corporations should hire a professional security consultant to provide outside expertise to assess and document the key […]

Personal Security While Traveling in 2021 & Beyond

Personal Security While Traveling

As travel continues to increase across the US and globally, it is critical to be cognizant of privacy exposure while away from home. Many travelers may not consider the threats to their privacy, personal information, or corporate data when setting out for a trip; however, compromised privacy can have long-lasting effects personally and professionally. Airports, […]

What is Executive Protection: What, Why, Who, and When?

what is executive protection

Let’s answer the first part of the title: what is Executive Protection?  Executive protection (EP), also referred to as “close protection,” is the security and risk mitigation measures taken for individuals who may be exposed to an increased risk associated with their employment, VIP status, net worth, political or social affiliations, or geographic location. People […]

INTERVIEW: Raise Your Resiliency with John Livesay

john livesay

This podcast can be heard and read in full here. Kris Coleman founded Red Five Security back in 2004 to provide world-class state-of-the-art security and protective intelligence services. He continues to use his knowledge, experience and integrity to grow Red Five into a multifaceted company that focused on bespoke security solutions for unique clientele. He’s also the […]

Security Risk Assessments – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

security risk management

Threat, vulnerability, likelihood, consequence, and risk. For those operating in today’s business environment several of these are a moving target.  While we often think we understand the threats our corporations or private families face, and we believe (or should know) that our countermeasures will thwart any attempts by adversaries to penetrate those defenses – the […]

Quick Tips for a Safe 4th of July

4th of july security

With the long weekend coming up, we pulled together some common sense tip to have a safe 4th of July: 4th of July Security Tips: Always handle fireworks safely and have a fire extinguisher nearby. Emergency responders are busier on holidays and there may be a delay in response times, so keep a first aid […]

3 Reasons Businesses and Corporations Need Quarterly TSCM Inspections

TSCM inspections

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) is an often unknown, overlooked, or undervalued component in many corporations’ security program. Here we will highlight three reasons why a corporation needs TSCM inspections quarterly in order to follow best security practices and help mitigate the compromise of sensitive and/or proprietary information. Being proactive and not reactive could save potential […]