Digital assets are just as valuable and vulnerable as physical property.

Make sure you're protecting these assets with the same level of care.

  • Digital assets are constantly changing
  • Cryptocurrencies, digital wallets and NFT’s are vulnerable to theft
  • Bad actors apply age old scams and tactics to new age currencies
  • Time is of the essence once a breach occurs

Whether you've been targeted by a scam, experienced a breach, or are seeking proactive defense - having a blockchain expert to assist and advise is critical to your asset recovery and protection.

Secure your crypto and other digital assets with expert blockchain security

security knowledge


Learn steps you can take to recover and protect your digital assets. 

white glove security services


Understand how to minimize risks to the security of your digital assets and limit your online exposure.

security experience


With the Red Five blockchain security team on your side you can be confident your evolving security needs are handled by experts.

When you choose Red Five you join an elite network of organizations and executives that trust us with their unique security needs.

Comprehensive Security Services to Protect the Value of Your Company

Resolve a security threat and proactively protect yourself and your company from future harm. 

Our comprehensive suite of services covers it all.



Privacy Services

Our world is more connected than ever which increases the chance of confidential information being stolen or exposed online.

  • Online Exposure Review

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • Cyber Risk & Network Technology Assessment

  • Online Data Aggregator Removal

  • Review of Digital Asset security

  • Holistic Privacy Assessment & Plan

security services

Security Services

Your security needs stretch beyond the walls of your home and office. From travel risks to the people who are involved in your life and business we can help you stay safe.

  • Digital Asset Recovery

  • Digital Asset Monitoring & KYT (Know Your Transaction)

  • Travel Risk Reports

  • Person of Interest Investigations

  • Physical Security, Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

  • Security System Design

  • Executive Protection Consulting

  • Protective Intelligence & Threat Monitoring

  • Bug Sweep or Technical Security Countermeasures

resiliency training

Resiliency Services

Do you have a plan if there’s a natural disaster, data breach, or communication loss? We will help you develop a plan so you can confidently navigate a worse case scenario.

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Emergency Action Plan

  • Safe Room Design

  • Digital Asset Security/Protection Plans 

  • Secure environment configuration for high-volume digital asset transfers

  • Third-Party Review of Continuity Plans

A Proven Process Tailored to Your Need

Our proven three-phase methodology addresses your holistic risk, privacy, and security issues.

security assessment



We will thoroughly assess your threat, vulnerability, and risk profile so you have a clear picture of your security needs.

security design



From physical and cyber security to emergency and continuity plans, you’ll get a security plan designed for your  needs.

security implementation



Our team will implement your comprehensive security plan and help you stay protected moving forward.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“When I had a unique problem in a far away location, Red Five had the skills, network, and experience to deploy a team, and manage the risk for me and my family.”