Business Continuity Planning – Is your Company Prepared?

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) – Will Your Company Be Prepared and Resilient in the Face of a Catastrophic Event?

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is an effort for companies to ensure continuity of their essential functions in the event of a wide range of emergency events. When business is disrupted, it can result in lost revenue and have a negative impact on your company.

Planning for business continuity requires prioritizing time-sensitive essential functions and processes. It also requires assessing the assets and equipment needed, identifying and safeguarding vital records, and identifying the personnel necessary to continue these vital functions as required. Planning, preparing, and anticipating catastrophic events have a major impact on how your company will respond and be resilient to operate with minimal disruption.

Does your company have a BBCP? Have you identified and prioritized time-sensitive, essential functions and processes to ensure your company can operate in a catastrophic event? Is there Succession Planning or Delegations of Authority for C-Suite executives and departments? Does your company have a recovery plan for Information Technology (IT) in the event of a disruption of critical information, networks, servers, and computer systems? Do your personnel know what their roles and responsibilities are in the event of a natural or manmade disaster?

If not, Red Five can help organize your company’s Continuity Team and ensure it has a viable, actionable BCP plan in place, to ensure continued business operations with minimal disruption and achieve a timely and orderly recovery from a wide array of emergency or catastrophic events.

COVID-19 has shown companies around the world that preparedness is key to ensuring their company can survive and reduce or mitigate disruptions to operations. Planning for the safety of all personnel and the resiliency of the company to quickly and effectively rebound from a catastrophic event is more apparent now than any time in our nation’s history.

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