Child Safety Online – Important Things to Know

A child logs onto the internet for the first time every half-second, according to a UNICEF study. The internet has become increasingly more important in our lives for a variety of purposes from education to entertainment to staying connected with each other, but as the benefits of the internet have increased, so have the risks […]

Recent Attacks on Substations and Emergency Preparedness

Authored By: Isaac Williams & Andrew Villamarette Over the past several weeks multiple disruptive attacks on critical electrical infrastructure such as the substations connected to the US power grid have reemerged in headlines. On November 30, 2022 the Department of Homeland Security described the vulnerable infrastructure as possible targets for groups or individuals seeking to […]

2023 Security Risks – A Look Ahead

In August we blogged on the trending issues in 2022, and by all measures the expectations have been met, and we have seen more disinformation, election issues, public safety challenges, and additional violence in society due to socio-economic issues. Some of these will likely continue into 2023, but there are new risks on the horizon […]

Physical Security Concerns for International Holiday Travel

It can happen to the best of us: you are on vacation and want to relax, when an unexpected physical security issue arises. I had just arrived at the beach villa, put my belongings in my room and stepped out on the patio to take in the view. As I re-entered the room to finish […]

Five Organizations to Donate to This Holiday Season

organizations to give to this holiday season

As the holiday season edges closer it is important to remember those less fortunate, and those that just need a hand during this tough challenging time. At Red Five we focus our philanthropic efforts through our entity, Red Hands Helping – and I encourage other firms to help give back to their communities in similar […]

Giving Tuesday: How to Give Back Thoughtfully This Holiday Season

giving tuesday

Charitable giving surges around the holidays and in the wake of natural disasters, wars, displacements, and other significant domestic and global events. As Giving Tuesday approaches and there are so many causes people may be interested in contributing to, careful consideration of organizations is critical before donating your money.  Giving Tuesday is an annual, international […]

Establishing Digital Boundaries

In the ever-expanding, increasingly invasive world of technology and social media, how do you maintain your personal “space?”  How do you draw boundaries on social media to replicate the boundaries you’ve established in your in-person life?  Picture this scenario: You are enjoying a cup of coffee at your favorite local coffee shop. A vaguely familiar […]

This Holiday Season Focus on Personal Security & Family Resilience

Two important factors in safely moving about our society and living our best lives continue to be Personal Security and Family Resilience. As much as we don’t want to worry about crime, civil unrest, active shooters, election day protests, and natural disasters; these are all issues our country is facing, and will continue to face […]

Five Ways the Rising Generation Can Improve Their Digital Privacy

  The Rising Generation – Millennials and “Gen Z” – either already in or expected to assume positions of authority and governance in family offices are most at risk for digital threats. They will have authority, access, and a native digital skill set that rivals others. But these rising leaders will also face many enhanced […]