Gail Ospedale

Gail Ospedale

Gail Ospedale is a distinguished executive consultant advising high net worth and Fortune 50 corporate clients on intelligence, policy, and security related issues. Prior to joining Red Five, Ms. Ospedale was a Senior Executive with the Central Intelligence Agency.

As a Senior Executive, Ms. Ospedale served in a number of demanding leadership positions inside and outside of the Agency, where she was often charged with decision-making on matters of exceptional sensitivity. Ms. Ospedale was most recently the Director of the Agency’s Guantanamo Issues Group, where she served in an expert capacity for all executive and legislative policy issues related to Guantanamo Bay. Ms. Ospedale also served as the Deputy Chief of the Director’s Review Group for Renditions, Detentions, and Interrogations, managing the day-to-day activities for all RDI programs. In this capacity, Ms. Ospedale served as the Agency’s representative to the Presidential Executive Order Task Force for the closure of Guantanamo Bay.

Throughout her career, Ms. Ospedale has served in a number of positions where she supported the top Agency leadership in the development, coordination, integration, and advocacy of corporate and Intelligence Community policies. She had a lead role in the Agency’s Strategic Planning initiative that addressed the CIA’s worldwide Integrated Infrastructure. Ms. Ospedale helped develop, revise, and promote a programmatic approach to effectively target investment in order to stabilize, transform, and sustain critical capabilities. Similarly, Ms. Ospedale provided executive leadership to the office that supported the Agency’s top domestic and overseas activities as the Agency’s Global Support Chief of Staff.

In addition, Ms. Ospedale has an extensive background in investigations and law enforcement, serving as an Inspector in the Agency’s Office of the Inspector General where she led teams that assessed and made recommendations to improve the efficiency of CIA programs. Ms. Ospedale also served as the Agency’s lead detail on the Webster Commission, where she participated in the review of FBI security programs commissioned after the Hansen espionage case. Prior to the Webster Commission, Ms. Ospedale served as the Chief of the CIA’s Security Protective Service. As the CIA’s top law enforcement officer, Ms. Ospedale provided executive oversight for the design, development, and implementation of security policies; law enforcement operations; and programs to protect the Agency’s personnel, facilities, and information domestically and overseas.

Ms. Ospedale also has private sector experience at a big five consulting firm. She helped set up Deloitte & Touche’s Business Intelligence Services on the West Coast as part of a rotational assignment for Senior Executive officers.

Ms. Ospedale graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Criminal Justice. She is also a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and a member of the American Polygraph Association.

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