Jackson Hole - Privacy Summit

Family Privacy & Legacy Protection

Hosted by Laurent Roux, Gallatin Wealth Management
Presented by Red Five Security

Red Five Security is excited to present this private and informative client networking event. Please join us to discuss the latest privacy and security strategies to keep your families and assets safe.

Session Takeaways Include:

  • Awareness of current and future threats.
  • Actionable digital and physical security recommendations.
  • Digital best practices for family offices and HNW families.
Registation Details:
  • Registration for this event is now closed


Current and Future Digital and Physical Security Threats

  • Overview of physical threats
  • Overview of digital threats
  • Real case studies
 Addressing Common Vulnerabilities 
  • At your home
  • At your office
  • When you travel

Best Practices and Recommendations

  • Takeaways for families
  • Simple steps make a big difference
  • Recommendations now and in the future


Kris Coleman

Kris Coleman

Founder, President, and CEO of Red Five Security

Kelly Shemansky, Director of Cyber Solutions at Red 5.

Kelly Shemansky

Kelly Shemansky, Sr. Director of Client Experience & Solutions

Registration for this event is now closed. For information on future events or Red Five privacy and security services, please contact us.