Live TSCM Monitoring

Red Five provides Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweeps and electronic monitoring for sensitive corporate and political events and conferences. The practice assures that listening devices are not present in the meeting space prior to the event and provides the ability to detect any new devices introduced into the space during the conference. Live monitoring allows Red Five to provide a continuity of security throughout the event to ensure the protection of sensitive information.

Red Five’s methodology begins with a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweep of the premises that will be used for the conference. Red Five’s technicians use equipment to analyze radio frequency, infrared, and other technical spectrums to detect devices that may transmit conversations through these channels. A physical search of the space also allows for the discovery of hidden microphones, transmitters, audio recorders, and other interception devices.

  • Red Five uses the information gathered from the sweep to mitigate any devices present in the space, as well as to provide recommendations to the client for methods to reduce the likelihood that adversaries will introduce new interception devices during the event.
  • Red Five’s recommendations cover a range of best practices, such as the restriction of mobile devices in the area and the use of special pouches that can block cellular phone signals to prevent the transmission of data or tracking of locations.

During the event, Red Five technicians conduct remote live monitoring of the spectrums to detect any new devices that could compromise communications. Red Five deploys its equipment and personnel in an area adjacent to the meeting space and uses trace analysis cycles to scan for transmissions that may pose a threat.

Red Five provides a report after the sweep and live monitoring that details any devices detected prior to or during the event, and provides mitigation recommendations to prevent the interception of communications in the future. Red Five recommends the periodic sweep of spaces where sensitive conversations are held, as well as spot sweeps and monitoring for significant events and conferences.