Privacy Summit

Family Privacy & Legacy Protection

Presented by Red Five Security and Troubadour Golf and Field Club, by invite only

Where: Troubadour Golf and Field Club, Nashville, TN
When: Tuesday April 11, 2023, 4:00 – 6:00 pm 
followed by Happy Hour and Networking

Troubadour Golf and Field Club, in partnership with Red Five Security, is excited to host this private and informative client networking event.


Session Takeaways Include:

  • Awareness of current and future threats.
  • Actionable digital and physical security recommendations.
  • Digital best practices for UHNW and HNW families.
Complimentary WebScrub Report:

All event attendees will receive:
  • Visibility into how your data appears on data aggregators.
  • An understanding of how that information is used and shared.
  • Recommendations on how to opt out of data aggregators.


Current and Future Digital and Physical Security Threats

  • Overview of physical threats
  • Overview of digital threats
  • Real case studies

Addressing Common Vulnerabilities 

  • At your home
  • At your office
  • When you travel

WebScrub Results

  • How your information is exposed in data aggregators
  • What that means to you and your family
  • Examples of issues that data aggregators cause for families

Best Practices and Recommendations

  • Takeaways for families
  • Simple steps make a big difference
  • Recommendations now and in the future


Robyn Kirkham – Vice President

Robyn Kirkham

Robyn Kirkham, Vice President of Red Five Security