Red Five’s range of tailored and proactive security and investigative solutions ensures that a company or family is fully prepared for the unexpected.

Red Five has unparalleled assessment and security experience to keep corporate executives and private families safe whether they are at home, at the office or traveling abroad.

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Red Five will provide Executive Protection officers to the Client upon request—the number of officers and level of protection will depend on the Client’s needs and the threat profile of the location. Red Five will provide armed officers as legally available in each jurisdiction; all armed officers are vetted and authorized to carry weapons in the specific location. 

Red Five will leverage our expertise, relationships, and resources to provide guidance regarding the Client’s executive protection detail in the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia (DMV) area. Red Five will provide guidance—either by phone or virtually—on site advance operations, communications plans, detail scheduling, motorcade operations, liaison with local authorities, and other topics as requested. Consulting on locations outside of the DMV area may be available upon request.

Red Five’s Security Operations Center (RSOC) will periodically monitor open source materials for direct threats against the Client’s safety and security, focusing on priority concerns identified by the Client. RSOC’s monitoring will include a review of publicly available content on social media platforms and online discussion forums that RSOC identifies as containing content relevant to the Client. Protective Intelligence Social Media Monitoring is best utilized as a situational awareness tool for the Client’s Executive Protection Team.

Red Five will utilize highly trained former Secret Service and FBI agents and the latest TSCM equipment to scan the Client’s office, residence, aircraft, and/or vehicle, in an effort to seek out implanted technology, such as miniature recording and transmitting devices and their software equivalents. If any such devices are discovered, Red Five will work with the Client to determine how to proceed to mitigate the threats posed by the device(s). Red Five will submit a report that outlines the findings and provides mitigation measures.

Red Five will research and deliver a report based on the Client’s travel itinerary in order to help the Client plan their trip and provide safety and security resources while at their destination. The report may include information on civil unrest, crime, environmental hazards, health and safety, terrorism, transportation, and US Embassy information for international destinations, among other topics.

Red Five will conduct non-financial due diligence on a person, company, or organization that the Client may be considering acquiring, working with, making a charitable contribution to, or otherwise engaging with. Red Five can conduct three levels of due diligence—(1) open source research, (2) public records searches domestically and internationally, and (3) follow-up investigations using on-the-ground resources—based on the Client’s needs.

Red Five will investigate POIs identified by the Client; POIs may be individuals who have attempted to contact the Client, posted derogatory or threatening statements about the Client online, or otherwise displayed concerning behavior that may impact the Client’s security. Red Five will conduct open source research on the POI aimed at identifying information relevant to the investigative issue and provide reporting to the Client. Red Five can also run public records checks domestically and internationally, and perform follow-on investigations using on-the-ground resources, as applicable.

Red Five will use online tools to research, draft, and deliver a report that outlines the potential threats related to the location or event under assessment. The QLSA will include criminal, environmental, political, and security-related issues within the vicinity of the site. Red Five has previously drafted QLSAs on topics as varied as international office locations under consideration by a corporate Client to the Super Bowl.

Red Five will utilize our proprietary PrIME methodology to assess the threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to the Client, their residence(s) and assets, and/or their office(s), and provide a report with a summary of the findings and tailored recommendations for specific mitigation measures; the TVRA report also includes Design Basis Threat scenarios that demonstrate the most likely and impactful threat scenarios for the Client. Red Five also offers modified versions of the TVRA assessment, to include Threat Assessments (TA) as well as Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (TVA). A TA includes open source research on relevant hazards and intentional threats against the Client as well as interviews with relevant stakeholders to identify key concerns and past incident history. A TVA includes all aspects of a TA and further examines the vulnerabilities of the Client’s existing security measures, to include access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection system, security policies, and other relevant security measures as they pertain to the Client and their assets.

Red Five will document how the Client’s security spend is commensurate with the assessed threat and vulnerabilities, per IRS Section 132 guidelines. This appendix can be added to any TA, TVA, or TVRA.

Red Five will visit the Client’s residence and/or office to conduct a review of the existing security measures, to include access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection system, and other relevant security measures currently in place at the identified site. Red Five will also conduct limited interviews with key stakeholders about security concerns and review all relevant security policies and standard operating procedures in effect for the site’s occupants. Red Five will outline the site’s physical and procedural security vulnerabilities and provide recommended mitigations in a final report.

Red Five will design a security system for the Client based on an assessment of the site’s physical security vulnerabilities. The security system may include surveillance cameras, alarm systems, access control, and/or other mitigation measures. Red Five can either identify and work with a trusted integrator to install the security measures, or provide the Client’s existing integrator team with graphic representations of the design, engineering plans, and construction documents as needed. The design and installation of a residential security system is most effective when based on an assessment of the threats and vulnerabilities at the property, as outlined above.

Armed Security Officer (ASO) for Private Jet Charters