Red Five and Element, Security and Information Technology Industry Leaders, Announce Partnership

McLean, Va. (May 14, 2018) – Red Five, an internationally recognized, private security and management consulting company, and Element, a leader in information technology, cloud and advisory services, today announced a partnership designed to focus on providing leading-edge security solutions for private clients and families, family offices and high net-worth individuals. The offerings will bring together physical security plans and execution with an enhanced level of cybersecurity risk assessment and information technology management.

The partnership provides Red Five’s client base with a rounded approach to security solutions and the ability to offer a higher level of cybersecurity. Element works at all levels of a client’s network, cloud and data requirements to provide confidence through proven security tools and industry best practices.

“We’re excited to announce this partnership with Red Five,” said Jeff Alluri, VP Consulting, Element. “Red Five offers our existing and new clients a layer of physical security planning and execution that merges perfectly with how we work to ensure their physical and cybersecurity solutions follow industry best practices.”

“Partnering with Element further enhances how we execute a full, integrated security program for a client. Their ability to provide cyber risk mitigation and data networking protection means clients now have an holistic, enhanced view of how the entire security plan is implemented,” commented Kris Coleman, President/CEO of Red Five. “Both companies bring extraordinary value to key clients and function as force multipliers for existing resources.”

About Red Five

Red Five is a security and management consulting company comprised of former CIA, FBI, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Military security professionals and experienced system designers. It has a robust past performance supporting corporate executives, U.S. government officials, diplomats and other high net-worth individuals and families with expert consulting and protection services. Red Five is committed to providing holistic, proactive, and cost-effective solutions to critical security challenges and performing targeted assessments with discretion and high ethical standards. The company supports projects in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean from offices in Washington D.C. and Palo Alto, CA.

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About Element

With offices throughout the Midwest and Florida, Element is a premier IT and cybersecurity firm serving businesses for over 25 years. Their highly-skilled staff of experts, utilizing industry-leading tools can properly assess, manage, monitor, secure and support technology systems of all sizes. They love what they do and have a passion for customer service which reflects in their people and defines who they are. Element is all about keeping their clients running, responding quickly to problems, and providing solutions in a meaningful yet easy-to-understand and cost-effective way.

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