Red Five Hosts First Annual Rolling Thunder Event

Red Five Security recently held the first annual Red Hands Helping Rolling Thunder Ride on Sunday, May 29. The 20-person event featured a fleet of 13 bikes, four additional passengers, and three spectators.

“Participating in the ride made me realize just how many Americans demonstrate their appreciation for the service and sacrifice others have made to help protect our freedoms and sustain our way of life,” said Bob Fabie, Red Five Director of Training.“It was incredible.”

Red Five thanks NoVA Firearms, the event’s co-sponsor, for its generosity in matching Red Five’s contributions to such a great cause. Together, over $2,000was raised for Vietnam Veterans of America. Although the Vietnam Veterans of America focus primarily on veterans of that war, they promote, support, and advocate issues on behalf of all veterans. Some of their recent efforts include a push to improve Vietnam veterans’ access to quality healthcare, create a positive public perception of Vietnam veterans, and support the next generation of America’s veterans.

Red Five Security is eager to uphold its commitment to maintaining an active corporate citizenship. In addition to planning for next year’s ride, the company is also focused on the upcoming 2016 Red Hands Helping Walk to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.

Click here for the press release.

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