Red Hands Helping Supports Rising Stars

Red Hands Helping, the charitable arm of Red Five Security, recently announced its support of Rising Stars and their summer program as part of the Red Hands ongoing effort to support charitable causes.Red Five will support the organization’s Annual Backpack and School Supplies Drive. Each summer Rising Stars partners with Carr Workplaces to raise money for backpacks and school supplies for children in need in cities across the country.

Red Five’s contribution will ensure that 18 children get backpacks and school supplies that will cover them for the entire upcoming school year.“

Children must get the education that they need to realize their full potential,” said R. Kris Coleman, President & CEO of Red Five Security. “Removing some of the obstacles to their learning is an important part of that process and a role that we’re happy to play.”

Click here for the press release. To learn more about Rising Stars, click here.

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