Security Visit

Red Five provided executive protection for the visit of a royal family to the West Coast of the US. Red Five stood up an executive protection detail of armed agents within 48 hours of the request. The detail performed close protection, advance, and counter surveillance operations in conjunction with open source intelligence support from the Red Five Operations Center (RSOC).

Red Five supplied 60-armed executive protection agents and a local command post to provide continual support for the Client. The detail maintained a presence at the Client’s residence and accompanied each principal on movements outside of the residences’ protective perimeter.

The Client requested Red Five staff a large contingent of armed female executive protection agents out of respect for cultural concerns. Red Five dispatched several counter surveillance teams to perform advances on each principal’s movements. Red Five established an on-site command-post to facilitate communication and coordinate logistics among the various executive protection teams.

Private security with earpiece

Red Five monitored public outlets to enhance the situational awareness of the detail throughout all stages of Client movements. Red Five Operations Center (RSOC) provided tactical support to the detail to address traffic, weather, and other events that could impact the Client’s movements. Before the Client traveled from California to a destination in Washington state, Red Five deployed two agents to conduct advances on each Washington venue that the Client planned to visit.

Red Five provided protective intelligence to supplement the situational awareness of its field agents. These products included advance reports, travel reports, spot reports, and other pieces as needed throughout the duration of the Client’s visit. Red Five further monitored social media to identify and report any direct threats to the Client or the Client’s anticipated locations. Red Five maintained direct communication with agents to update them on any potential risks.