SIM Swapping Attacks: A Surprisingly Common Cyberthreat

Sim swap fraud

Author: Robert James Collie, Intelligence Analyst SIM swapping attacks quintupled from 2021 to 2022. Potential consequences of this cyberattack include monetary theft and reputational harm.  Anyone may be targeted by a SIM swapping attack and the impacts can extend far beyond the individual who is targeted to include professional or personal networks. In this post, […]

Smart Home Devices: Concerns, Vulnerabilities, and How to Address Them

smart home device cyber security

Author:  Garrett Bell (Analyst, Security Consulting) The idea of a “smart home,” a home filled with connected devices that conveniently streamline entertainment, security, lighting, and other functions, has grown in popularity in recent years evidenced by the growing number of connected devices in American households. US households have approximately 22 connected devices on average, according […]

What’s The Big Deal About TikTok and What Can You Do to Protect Your Data

tiktok privacy

  TikTok is an extremely popular short-form video social media platform that has attracted more than 150 million active users in the US. It has garnered so much attention—and  ire—from  the federal government, state governments, international bodies, and private institutions due to its popularity, the dangers associated with the platform’s data collection, and the potential […]