Mark Wallace – CRO

Mr. Mark Wallace is the Chief Revenue Officer at Red Five. Mr. Wallace is an accomplished Founder, Chief Revenue Officer, and Digital Transformation Executive with 20+ years accelerating revenue growth and leading go to market strategies for SaaS and technology platform providers.

Mr. Wallace is the Founder of Justellus which has helped many CEO’s, leadership teams, and Advisory Boards to pivot to realize their vision, expedite subscription growth, and deliver value to customers and shareholders. Mr. Wallace serves as an Advisory Board member for two disruptive technology start-ups. Prior to launching Justellus, Mr. Wallace was the Vice President of Customer Acquisition, Community, and Social Media at EDR, a DMGT Company, which was later acquired by Silver Lake and Battery Ventures for $205M in 2018. Mr. Wallace has held sales and executive leadership roles at Mzinga, Shared Insights, and DCI.

Mr. Wallace’s sales and marketing digital transformation accomplishments have led to numerous awards, keynotes and speaking sessions, and articles in leading publications.

Mr. Wallace is a graduate of Bentley University in Waltham, MA and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management.

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