Red5 Security Celebrates 20 Years in Business with Refreshed Brand & New Services

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December 7, 2023


Red5 Security Celebrates 20 Years in Business with Refreshed Brand& New Services

Addition of new personnel bolsters expanded service offerings for corporate enterprises.


ARLINGTON, VA – Dec 7, 2023 – Red5 Security, a leading provider of security consulting and managed intelligence services, announced the launch of its refreshed branding and new website today, commemorating 20 years in business and the expansion of its services.


The updated branding and new website reflect the evolution of the company and the transformation in services offered. Founded in 2004 by former CIA and FBI professional, Kris Coleman, Red5 built a reputation for exceptional security and executive protection services.


With clients spanning from corporate enterprises to ultra-high net worth families, Red5 has honed and expanded services to keep pace with the ever changing security landscape. For today’s market, that means the launch of their ManagedIntelligence and Privacy Services, tailored to address the threat and intelligence analysis needs of corporate organizations.  


“A critical facet of what sets us apart is our agility and ability to adapt,” says Red5’s CEO, KrisColeman. “We’ve evolved our services to match client and market needs and this expansion into Managed Intelligence and Analysis Services is no different. Now more than ever our clients need help monitoring, analyzing, and understanding their known and unknown risks.”


To help bring these new services to market, Red5 has brought on expert talent in this space, including former CIA Analyst and Associate General Counsel to the Office of theDirector of National Intelligence (DNI), Karna McGarry, who joined Red FiveSecurity as the Vice President of Managed Services earlier this year.


“Bringing theseManaged Intelligence & Analysis Services to market is a game changer forRed5 and our corporate clients,” says McGarry, who has an extensive and accomplished career in the intelligence services sector. “It’s so rare to have the opportunity to leverage the experience and expertise of such specialized personnel to design and deliver new services to solve complex risk and analytical challenges.”


Red5’s new ManagedThreat Monitoring, Privacy, and Intelligence & Analysis services are immediately available for current and prospective clients. Additional information on the company and service offerings can be found at



About Red5
Red5 provides tailored solutions for threat monitoring, privacy, and intelligence services for private and enterprise organizations who need reliable access to deep intelligence and analysis. Red5 doesn’t "set and forget" like other managed service providers, but instead works with clients throughout the service cycle to anticipate & adapt to evolving circumstances. With this, clients experience transparent and holistic service delivery that exceeds their expectations.


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