Why Red5?

Large enough to address all your needs; small enough to know your name. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions to address your every concern.

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A proven process tailored to your needs.

Clients have trusted Red5 for nearly 20 years to address their unique challenges and deliver effective solutions.

Our specialized analysts and subject matter experts are empowered by industry-leading technology and our trusted Intelligence Cycle process to monitor and manage current and emerging security concerns.

Step 1

Assess the Landscape

Red5’s assessment methodology is designed by security and intelligence experts to identify vulnerabilities across the full spectrum of security. Our assessment process brings clarity to the unknowns, providing a clear picture of current risk & vulnerabilities, required action for mitigation, and proactive measures to keep you ahead of future threats to your security, privacy, and safety.

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Assessment capabilities to address the full-spectrum of security and risk

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Expert-led analysis & assessment of critical organizational and individual components

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Understand your exposure and how to improve it

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Understand your threat landscape - where you stand today & how to prepare for the future

Step 2

Design the Mitigation

Our multi-disciplined mitigation strategies are tailored to your unique requirements and capabilities. Whether addressing immediate threats or planning proactively, we provide expert guidance for what actions should be taken, when to take them, and how.

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Expert guidance for reducing your attack surface

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Prioritized action plans to Improve your security posture

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Stay ahead of emerging threats with proactive measures

Step 3

Manage the Solution

Our specialized analysts and experts are empowered by industry-leading technology to monitor and manage current and emerging risks. With Red5 at the helm, you can be confident in the seamless management of all your evolving intelligence and security needs, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

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Specialized analysts empowered by industry-leading tools and technology

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Continuous monitoring to recognize & respond to threats and emerging risks

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Adaptable solutions to scale with growth and evolve as threats change

Why This is Different

Our team has a reliable and trusted process for the successful delivery of managed security and intelligence services. We distill our clients’ information and conditions down to the facts and then quickly identify and implement an effective solution. Red5’s team has proficiencies across languages and technical skills, experience from former careers in CIA, FBI, and military, robust analytical minds, and varied life experiences, which gives our clients confidence in both robust coverage and diversity in perspective. 

Our Difference

Expertise & Flexibility

Red5 sets itself apart by being an established security and intelligence partner, bringing decades of experience solving unique and complex challenges around the world. We understand how quickly circumstances change, and know that the solution is never one-size-fits-all. Our methodology and solutions evolve with the changing threat landscape and scale with organizational growth.

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Established intelligence partner with decades of history

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Extensive capabilities that provide ongoing monitoring & support, as well as ad hoc investigations and assessment

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Unique combination of agency-level rigor, expertise, and leading technology with adaptable solutions

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Our Difference

Quality &  Transparency

At the heart of Red5 is our commitment to quality and transparency. We pride ourselves in delivering actionable intelligence and insights, going beyond the mere facts to give you the broader implications, ensuring that you're always informed and never in the dark.

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Quality analysis, credible intelligence, and actionable insights

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Clear, reliable communication and honest recommendations 

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Offering "so what," not just the "what"

Case Studies

a well dressed man sits in a small lobby looking off to the right while holding his phone. Image links to a case study on winning legal strategy.

Winning Legal Strategy: Investigative Findings

Discover how Red5's in-depth investigation revealed critical insights about a Person of Interest involved in international litigation. Our work in California and Washington DC exposed clandestine relationships and unique circumstances, informing and guiding our client's legal strategy effectively.
an impressive city scape viewed from a bay at sunset. Image links to a case study on overseas company expansion and mitigating risks.

Company Expansion: Threat Assessments Mitigate Risks Overseas

Explore how Red5's open source intelligence and local support helped a client expand their business in a politically turbulent South Asian city. Our site surveys and expert briefs identified threats, recommended mitigation measures, and provided essential safety insights for operating in the region.

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