Case Study

Winning Legal Strategy: Investigative Findings

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  • Confidential, International Law Firm

  • Legal

  • In preparation for upcoming litigation, an international law firm was seeking intelligence and analytical expertise to investigate the unique circumstances of the case.  

  • Person of Interest (POI) Investigation
  • Due Diligence

  • Red5’s analytical expertise provided crucial intelligence that informed the client’s legal strategy, resulting in a positive outcome for the case.


Red5 conducted a Due Diligence & Person of Interest Investigation, and leveraged our proprietary tools and databases, OSINT research, and our global network experts to:

  • verify the fidelity of relevant information;
  • analyze current and potential risks; and
  • characterize the Subject’s intentions, capabilities, whereabouts, and relationships with key entities involved in the case.
  • Through Red5’s findings, it was confirmed that the Subject of our investigation had an ongoing and clandestine relationship with another government entity, which was crucial to support their legal strategy.

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