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Bahamas Private Resort Development

a yacht is anchored in shallow blue water. Image links to a case study on Bahamas private resort development.

Red Five provided assessment, design, and operations services for the security program at an exclusive resort on a remote island in The Bahamas. The Client’s resort covers nearly 600 acres of island property and includes approximately 400 high-end residences, a 200-slip marina, and a golf course. The Client initially contracted Red Five to facilitate a strategic security workshop for the resort, which already had infrastructure and tenants in place, but was growing at a rate for which the current security measures could not adequately compensate.

Red Five provided a team of subject matter experts with vast experience in the areas of technology, law enforcement, security, and management to assess the Client’s mitigation measures and provided recommendations for improvement. Red Five categorized the recommendations into near-, mid-, and long- term priorities with a timeline for implementation and distinctions between capital and operational expenditures.

The Client then tasked Red Five with the implementation of a large number of the recommendations provided in the initial assessment. These efforts included security design aspects, such as the outline and implementation of a marine security system and discretionary access control, as well as an evaluation and redesign of the video surveillance system. Red Five also conducted a large- scale overhaul of the existing standard operating procedures, emergency practices, and security force.

Red Five established and implemented improved procedures for security, administrative functions, and the regulation and accountability laborers and contractors to mitigate property loss.

Red Five re-staffed and redesigned the medical response unit, established remote medical capabilities, implemented on-call evacuation procedures and services, and designed and procured custom vehicles for medical rescue and transportation. Red Five grew the security detail from nine to 20 officers and provided training, a ranking system with paths for promotion, professional uniforms, and morale enhancement through the creation of social opportunities.

Red Five staffed a Director of Security for the resort and facilitated a turnkey handover of the program at the end of the contract. Red Five oversaw the entire process of hiring for the Director of Security position, to include the solicitation of resumes without the disclosure of the client’s identity, the vetting of applications, and the provision of a short-list of candidates for approval from the Client’s leadership. While this procedure was ongoing, Red Five staffed interim resident directors with substantial experience in security management.

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