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Quarterly TSCM

a gloved hand holds a small audio 'bug' used to secretly listen into conversations. Image links to a case study on quarterly tscm.

Red Five provides quarterly Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweeps for corporate and individual clients concerned about the integrity of their communications systems. Red Five’s technicians perform sweeps at sites ranging from single-room apartments to extensive office buildings.Red Five’s technicians perform inspections and employ detection methods in order to fully reveal any potential points of compromise. The procedures that Red Five utilizes are capable of identifying both active and passive surveillance devices that can record and transmit conversations.

  • Red Five technicians perform an analysis of technical spectrums, to include radio frequency, infrared, and carrier current, in order to detect a variety of devices that adversaries may use to compromise communications.
  • Red Five also performs physical searches for hidden devices that may not register in spectrum analysis due to being turned off at the time of the sweep.

Red Five provides a report after the sweep, which outlines any detected devices that may threaten communications in the inspected area, and also provides recommendations for measures that the client can undertake to mitigate the risk of compromise. These suggested preventative measures cover a range of practices, to include the use of telephone system, mobile devices, copy and fax machines, as well as company policies and executive communications.Red Five performs these sweeps on a quarterly basis in order to detect any potential new communication recording devices introduced into the space after the previous sweep. However, Red Five recommends that sweeps occur at irregular intervals in order to ensure that adversaries cannot anticipate the inspections.

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