Case Study

Event Security & Threat Monitoring

the back of a man's head predominantly displaying an earpiece showing that he is on a security detail. Image links to a case study on security visits.
  • Confidential; High Profile non-profit organization
  • Non Profit, financial
  • Event Security/Threat Monitoring
  • Provide continuous threat monitoring of client's hosted event, with particularly attention focused on VIPs, Client's CEO and senior leaders, and the event to observe reputational impact.
  • Conducted risk assessment of the venue and coordinated threat assessments for VIPs and Client's senior leadership. This informed the overall security detail utilized throughout the event.
  • Baseline threat monitoring conducted before the event and then ongoing monitoring throughout, which helped to inform security details of any concerns or changes in threat environment as VIPs moved in and out of the event.
  • Conducted immediate POIs of individual's of concern and supported a potential security incident with expanded social media monitoring and analysis.

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