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How Red5 Safeguards Silicon Valley Corporations

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Client: Confidential, Silicon Valley Technology Company
Industry: Technology & Social Media
Objective: Building a Threat Monitoring & Workforce Protection Program

Since their inception, Silicon Valley technology corporations have been the target of global threat actors; their high profile makes them lucrative targets for online and in-person threats. To combat this insurgence of threatening behavior, Red5 deployed a program to conduct Threat Monitoring and Managed Intelligence around the clock.

Recognizing the complexity and volume of threats faced by our client, Red5 deployed a team of embedded analysts to assist them. Leveraging advanced security assessment tools and methodologies, our analysts provided crucial support in tracking, assessing, and classifying threats of disruption, protest, and/or violence.

Red5 has assessed over 335,000 threats. The successful outcomes of these investigations have prevented violent actors from carrying out their intended harm against our client and their workforce.

Red5 also provides consultation on day-to-day management, best practices, and strategic development for the client’s internal intelligence teams and analysts. This proactive approach ensures that our client has the tools, knowledge, and expertise to adapt to the threats of tomorrow continuously.

The collaborative efforts and expertise of the Red5 team has empowered our client with a robust Threat Monitoring program and Managed Intelligence solution, providing peace of mind and proactive protection  for the company and its employees.

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