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Transformative Business Continuity Planning

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Client: Confidential, Multinational Entertainment Corporation
Industry: Gaming & Entertainment
Objective: Establishing a Business Continuity Plan for Company Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the fragility and unpreparedness of corporations worldwide. During the post-pandemic era, corporations have begun to look internally at their business processes to pinpoint where critical business operations are the weakest during disruptive times.

Red5 worked closely with the client’s chief legal counsel and business continuity team to create a task force of subject matter experts within the corporation’s many operations.  Red5 deployed a team of analysts to conduct a discovery process and a series of interviews with the corporation’s stakeholders to collect the information and data necessary to make recommendations and develop a thorough continuity plan.  

Red5 provided the corporation with Business Continuity Planning services and developed an active and fully comprehensive strategic plan that evolves and grows with the corporation's operations. Red5 identified key revenue drivers, critical operations to support these revenue drivers, and resources that would be required to ensure those operations can function in the event of a significant disruption. This plan was then put into action as the client began training, auditing, and testing the plan to ensure it strengthened all the previous weak points within its critical business operations.

Delivery of a fully functional Business Continuity Plan that can be activated at a moment's notice.
Actionable steps to take during times of disruption.
By taking a robust, in-depth audit of operations and process planning, Red5 identified the gaps presenting critical risks to the company and developed a continuity plan that can be activated when in crisis. After implementation, the Business Continuity Plan developed by Red5 was tested and proven for efficacy which has positioned this client to confidently prepare for and respond to future disruption.

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