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How Red5 Protects Business Reputations & Partnerships

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Client: Confidential, Electric Vehicle Manufacturer
Industry: Automotive
Objective: Audit Entities Affiliated with Cobalt Mines in the US

With the rising popularity of electric vehicles, the sourcing of raw materials such as Cobalt for car batteries has faced scrutiny from news organizations across the world. In an effort to mitigate reputational damage and adverse media coverage, Red5 provided this electric vehicle manufacturer with due diligence reports focused on the links between affiliates of a Cobalt mine in the US.

In a series of audit reports, Red5 analyzed the entity's domestic and international business relationships, records, media standing, court history, and legal standing. Red5 provided the client with essential information to make informed business decisions with potential partners.

Red5’s analysts provided the electric car manufacturer with the knowledge and information that could have otherwise caused a strategic shortfall and negative media output. Red5’s due diligence reports equip business leaders across industries with the knowledge and information to form strategic business partnerships in a world where reputation and brand are of the utmost importance.

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