How Life Events Change Your Safety and Security Needs

May 27, 2021

As your life changes, so do your security needs. Getting married, having a baby, selling or merging a business, going IPO, and other major life events provide the perfect opportunity to take stock of you and your family’s privacy, security, and resiliency.

safety and security needs

1. Privacy: Introducing a new baby or spouse into your life or taking your company to IPO may impact your family’s privacy. Significant life events often increase your online presence, raise your public profile, and result in increased use of social media. The internet, marketing firms, and data aggregators collect and share data about your family that puts you at risk. For families with highly public online profiles or those rising to prominence, it is important to know what is already out there so you can mitigate negative exposure, establish a baseline to monitor future exposure, and develop good social media posting guidelines for you and your family going forward. Safeguard your family’s privacy today to ensure a safer tomorrow.2. Security: Whether you are moving into a new home, experiencing financial growth, or expanding your family, the key to maintaining your family’s safety and security is prevention. It starts with knowing what risks your family faces and how life changes may add or alter those risk factors. Like G.I. Joe always said, “Knowing is half the battle.” Once you know where you stand, you can develop a long-term plan to address vulnerabilities, strengthen your security posture, and integrate your security and privacy practices into your everyday life. This is a big step in ensuring your family is fully prepared for the unexpected.

safety and security needs

3. Resiliency: Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. The better prepared you are in advance to meet those dangers head on, the less impact they may have on you and your family. It’s imperative that family members- young and old- learn, train, and retrain basic security and life-saving skills to provide the resiliency needed to weather a storm at home, at work, or while traveling. Families should actively participate in immersive training opportunities to achieve the goal of individual resilience, self-reliance, and family readiness. Resilience is paramount in protecting what matters most.Anytime is a good time to evaluate your family’s privacy, security and resiliency. As the landscape of your family’s lives change, so do your security needs. Evaluate, Plan, and Partner with the right professionals to ensure all your security needs are met.Robyn Kirkham,Director for Security Consulting at Red Five

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