Red5 Security Expands Advisory Board & Internal Expertise to Broaden Digital Solutions

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January 19, 2023

ARLINGTON, VA – January 19th, 2023 – Red5 Security, a leading provider of security and management consulting services for high-net-worth families and corporations, announced the expansion of its Advisory Board and internal team to bolster expertise in SaaS, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity.New additions to the Advisory Board include Adam Vincent, Co-founder and former CEO of cybersecurity company ThreatConnect, and Mary Jane (MJ) Leslie, former Chief Growth Officer of threat intelligence SaaS company, LifeRaft.The two new members will join incumbent Board members: Mark Sullivan, Gail Ospedale, Paul Kurtz, and Laurent Roux.“We are pleased to welcome Adam and MJ to the Board.” says Red Five’s CEO, Kris Coleman.  “Leaders of their caliber, their respective industry knowledge and individual experiences make them very strong additions to our Advisory Board. We’re excited to leverage their knowledge and expertise as we evolve Red Five’s services and solutions.”In addition to the external expertise joining the Board, Red Five has also brought on internal subject matter experts and industry leading talent in the areas of crypto and cyber security. Most recent additions include security intelligence leader Nick Gicinto and cyber solutions expert Kelly Shemansky. These key additions to the team will be helping to shape unique new solutions, broadening Red Five’s service offerings.“I see many of the same attributes and opportunities in Red Five that I experienced in the early days of ThreatConnect,” says Vincent, who brings over 20 years of experience in the security and technology industry as a practitioner, entrepreneur, and business leader. “I look forward to working with Kris and the Board to move the company forward.”

About Adam Vincent

Adam Vincent has over 20 years of experience in the cyber security and technology industry as a practitioner, entrepreneur, and business leader.  Most recently, Adam was Co-Founder and CEO of ThreatConnect Inc., a leading cyber security SaaS company.  Today, ThreatConnect is used by companies around the world to prioritize and then take decisive action against the most dangerous cyber security risks to their business.  Under Adams leadership in 2021 and the three years prior starting in 2018, ThreatConnect was named to Inc. Magazine’s annual list of the nation’s fastest-growing companies. Adam has led fund efforts which raised several 10's of millions of dollars and has a wealth of experience both buying and selling companies.  Adam holds an MS in computer science with a graduate certification in computer security and information assurance from George Washington University.

About Mary Jane (MJ) Leslie

Mary Jane (MJ) Leslie is the owner of Chapter 3 Ltd., a consulting company that specializes in helping start-up companies and small businesses overcome obstacles and achieve growth objectives. Prior to founding Chapter 3, MJ held the role of Chief Growth Officer for LifeRaft, a threat intelligence SaaS company. During her tenure at LifeRaft, she focused on how to leverage open-source intelligence for security programs, from enterprise clients to investigative firms. Her career has been specialized in the education and implementation of SaaS-based products and services targeted in the security, technology, and healthcare industries. With a background in technology and communications, MJ understands the unique challenges arising from the global adoption of digital communication.About Red Five Red Five is a security and management consulting company composed of former CIA, FBI, security professionals, and experienced analysts and consultants. Red Five is committed to providing holistic and proactive solutions to critical security challenges and performing targeted assessments with discretion and high ethical standards. For more information about Red Five, visit

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